The Author

Nancy S. Kyme is a 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award winner, Inspirational category, for her debut novel-memoir, "Memory Lake: The Forever Friendships of Summer".   

Kyme's literary interests are focused on the creation of a hopeful, plausible Fantasy/Science Fiction cross-over trilogy that combines metaphysical and scientific truths.  She began writing this project in 1992 and continues today after taking a seven year hiatus to write a memoir about summer camp.  She decided to 'write what you know' as a training tool to gain direction for her greater literary work.

Kyme's trilogy, "Binral" follows the adventures of three heroes, Lullia, Davin, and Mosseza as they seek to save their world from destructive forces.  Inherent in the telling is how the power of individual thought and group consciousness shapes the solid world around them.  This entertaining and inspiring work combines scientific and spiritual facts to sweep the reader along on a fresh perspective and a hopeful future where all of life's greater questions are answered.

Kyme currently resides in Lake Ridge, Virginia and is President of the DC Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, Prince William Arts Council Board Member, and Director of the Clearbrook Center of the Arts. 

     We are born to create. When striving for excellence, setting fear aside, anything is possible. 


Photo courtesy of Botteri Photography.
"What you think upon grows."  Emmet Fox

Pictured below...  Susan and I, with Nanny in the middle.  She passed away August 12th, 2012, at 99 years young.  We are adjusting to life without her. 
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